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How to chat up people that you are attracted to

Highlights in this article:

  • Developing deep human emotions
  • Feelings for the other person
  • You need time to understand how beautiful she is
  • Top 4 attraction and flirting tips

It’s so often said, I’ve got too many things going on in my life to add the complication of love.

Developing deep human emotions

Just saying ’thanks’ is not a very caring response to a such a deep human emotion.

I’ve found that it’s best to wait for 2-3 months as the relationship is progressing before expressing such strong feelings.

Feelings for the other person

By then you’ll know if the other person is feeling the same way and you can save some face in case you say it prematurely.

If you can’t wait 2-3 months and you want the person to know you’re having feelings maybe you can just say that you have feelings for them instead of using the ’L’ word….

it does freak some people out.

You need time to understand how beautiful she is

People really -are- more than what you see on the outside. Of course we have heard this all of our lives, but do you really believe it? It took me too long to understand this.

I always knew this to be true, but it is different when you experience it first hand. I’m not sure that anything will become of this, as I’m not certain she is interested in me.

But what really matters is that I finally understand just how beautiful someone can be, even if you do not see it at first.

Top 4 attraction and flirting tips

Other things I have learned that you might find useful:

– Smile at everyone.

– Say hello to all types of guy.

– Do not be afraid to talk to anyone, no matter what they look like, or how old they are.

– Talk to people that you are slightly attracted to, even if they don’t make your head spin.

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