1000’s of live cams are waiting for you now! Chat with sexy girls online for free!

Do you want to share your steamy pictures and videos in an online community? Well, this is your chance to explore at sexandchatonline.com. This site is an adult community network rather than a community live site but this is what I am going to find out. The site looks decent and gets a feel of a legitimate dating site but I can’t guarantee you unless I review the site.

1000s of live cams are waiting for you now! Chat with sexy girls online for free!

Single Women to Meet, Message and Sex Chat Online For Free

sexandchatonline.com features webcams, chat, online messaging, personals and allows you to search singles, flirt and create your own profile. sexandchatonline.com offers the full range of adult video chat a dating-style communication that offers both community chat and private performers.

Visitors may join for free and can create a basic profile and upload a photo. There is a popular chat area inside where you can chat for free with other members but you should check the schedule of performance. You can also search for hot girls and hunk male hunks based on a wide range of criteria like age, location, sexual preference, likes and dislikes and much more. You can flirt by sending an instant message and you can chat one-on-one. You are allowed to download an Instant Messenger to inform you of new messages and chat directly with other members.

Your subscription will cost you $34.61 and will get the following: video chat access where you will meet your fellow members live on cam; you can contact members of the site, and get access to your very own private chat room. Moreover, the site has a special offer if you want to upgrade your membership.

Chat With Hot and Sexy Girls Free LIVE

Gold members will be charged $39.95 for one month or $68.34 for three months where he can avail of the following privileges: unlimited video chat with audio, access to private features, special professionals area, and instant placement of profile information for instant viewing plus off course the ones that I have mentioned in a regular subscription.

This is truly an adult community site where you can assemble single ladies or men and chat with them and getting to the brink of paying them for live performances. There are no per-minute show fees so don’t you worry.

1000s of live cams are waiting for you now! Chat with sexy girls online for free!

You will love to try the Match Me section where I have presented with this list of girls with pictures actually and they go topless with some teasing poses. Well, Holybelle was top on the list and she has a tight body and bare breasts. You can e-mail her, flirt with her or let her flirt with you or just add her on your list. But you can only do this by subscribing to the site.

The price is reasonable enough to make you enjoy your stay at the site. Everything is put together allowing you to get powerful searches, group video chitchat, your own profile which includes a personal mailbox, and the aforesaid Instant Messenger.

This site mainly focuses on interaction and for those looking for more than that, say straight nude video chat,  will give you what you fantasize and they are here in the performers’ section. You may want to join the site but check it out if you’re not yet convinced.

sexandchatonline.com is a dating site run by naughty women for hungry men. It is an organization composed of real women — whether they are housewives, secretaries, girlfriends or swingers — but only women can register for free. The men will have to pay $33.95 for a 30-day membership, but as a bonus, you also get free access to orgasmageddon.com for every month you are a member of sexandchatonline.com. Orgasmageddon.com offers over 700,000 high-quality hardcore photos and over 5,000 videos worth $33.95/month, which just about doubles the value of your membership to sexandchatonline.com. If you are not a huge fan of XXX material, then the $3.95 for a 3-day trial membership should suit you fine.

If you’re unsure about joining, feel free to read their testimonial page, but of course, they post only positive feedback here so it might not be the best way to gauge its effectiveness. On the other hand, the relatively high number of users sending positive feedback indicates that a lot of sex2go.com members are satisfied with their service to take a chance and sign up for free before considering upgrading to the premier membership.

sexandchatonline.com is really serious about searching for a sexual partner — the search option is aptly named Find a Fuck buddy for free. This option will return an overwhelming number of men so all you need to do is browse through their profiles and thumbnail pics until you find your potential . Once you have selected a person, the sexual profile will reveal his location, ethnicity, his vision of a perfect date and his favorite sexual position.

If you think he is worth checking out, you can add him to your hotlist or write him a sexual reference, which gives you space (up to 250 characters) to tell him how, when, where or how you would like to be laid. If you feel that this venue is too limited to express yourself, you also have the option to email him/her, with the option to attach photos, create a hot-o-magic message or create your own signature.

A unique feature of sexandchatonline.com is its promotion enticing members to keep their profile active so they can earn pink points and redeem them for cash. It is a rather innovative way of keeping their member base updated so they get plus points for the effort.

A member can redeem points at a rate of 10 cents a point when s/he redeems 1,000 points for $100. You get a rate of 12.2 cents a point when you redeem 1,800 points for $220. The rate at which you redeem points rises when redeeming increasingly larger amounts of points. Every activity has a corresponding number of points as well as a dollar equivalent, with uploading a video the most profitable at 20 points ($2-3).

There is a whole portion of the site dedicated to this promo so don’t sweat it if you can’t grasp it right now.

Another noteworthy innovation is the introduction service, where you can write an introduction of yourself (up to 300 characters) and the site will send it out to some of the new guys and even some of our more established members (according to their discretion).

If that is not enough to motivate you to sign up for sex2go.com, maybe this will: the top twenty-three members per two week period will be awarded $100 or $500 checks. However, the last awarding took place for the period of September 15 – 30, 2004, with no indication on when it will resume so check the site occasionally if they’ve re-established this promo.

A good thing about Video Chatting in this site is that you do not need a webcam and it is totally free. The bad thing is that there are only a limited number of hosts online. You can also open your own video chat or chat room for free, with the option to make it a private one or it can accommodate up to six people.

Despite its steep membership rate, sex2go.com offers you great value for your money and if you are active enough, they might even reimburse the money you shelled out by acquiring as many pink points as you can.

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