How Long To Wait Before Making The First Call To A Woman?

My Question: I meet on a constant basis, not too much. Getting a woman’s number is never hard, but they never return my call when i call them! Is there a clue as far as how many days to wait before making the first initial call? What day and time should I call? Join to use free adult rooms to meet women.

How Long To Wait Before Making The First Call To A Woman?

When approaching a girl, how do you know if she is isn’t already married or has a boyfriend? One of the biggest challenges is getting to notice the signals from the opposite sex.
Half of young women stumble when you hand them your card, but the other half smile as they carefully put your card away. A few, very few, of them give you their number.

Is there a difference between calling a woman hot or beautiful?

There isn’t really a rule of thumb about calling girls but unless you can avoid it you should call a girl within the week that you acquire her phone number.
If it is longer than seven days then she might think that you are not interested in her. Being genuinely interested shows her that you are a discreet man who will not cause her any problems and does not mind if she has a boyfriend.

Ideally when you get her number you should call her within 1 or 2 days. It all really depends on of how of an attraction there was between the both of you and how much that your really like her.
Ask yourself what transpired in your conversations with the girls that you have called previously. However if it was just a casual chat and you did not offer somewhere for you both to meet then it is not likely that she will call you back.

How come women never sexually make fun of guys, like guys do to them?

How was your tone when you call a woman? Was your voice one that gets women swooning over you like moths to a flame? How did you project yourself on the phone?

A nice guy?
A shy, nice but smart guy? (Hmm, women love this)
A smart guy?

We communicate via our five senses. Most of us do not use our senses equally all the time, but we can learn to fine-tune our senses.

How do you actually get women to open up and tell you what is on thier mind?

Men are still expected to do the majority of the chasing on this planet so in this regards the next time that you call a girl that you are interested in, specify a date and place for you both to hang out.

Women really hate saying no to guys once they gather up the courage to ask for their number or something like that. If a woman doesn’t have any interest in a man, she usually finds a way to make it obvious she’s not available.
If you’re pushy to get her number, when you call, she won’t be glad to talk with you. If you leave a message, she won’t call back. So do NOT insist. Many men have loving wives but they do not want to appear weak and they have support groups for men because they bottle up their feelings but will reveal them to strangers.

Men feel alot of preasure to be solid and depedable

Maybe when you ask for a woman’s number just try a little harder to make sure she’s actually interested in you as well. Some girls just don’t like to shoot guys down on the spot because they know how much courage it takes to do approach someone.
However, by making yourself open and vulnerable, you invite her to do the same. BUT don’t ask or suggest or even hint that you want her number.

If she says yes then that’s good but if she says that she is busy then offers an alternative date. If she still does not want to meet you then it is probably likely that she is not interested and you can just move on. For more tips about timing your first call to a woman,

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