March 24, 2022

Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives: Find a New Craigslist Personals Replacement for Dating

Craigslist is the most well-known classifieds site in the world. Craigslist lists job openings, apartment listings, and other services. Craigslist Personals is missing from the website. It was the website’s version of an online matchmaking site. In the personals section, you could share information about yourself and what you desire from a partner; Craigslist Personals has helped hundreds of thousands of people meet.

Craigslist does not have a screening process for all users. This led to Craigslist personal being abused by sex traders. These traffickers posted fake personal ads to lure young women into prostitution rings. Additionally, predators and killers used these personals.

The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was passed by the U.S Senate in March 2018. This law holds all personal websites responsible for criminal activity, especially when they are used by third parties. Craigslist may be sued if users are stalked or sold into prostitution.

Craigslist was shut down by the new law. They had to close the personals section to preserve the other services they offered. Backpage was also shut down by the same law, which led to more backpage alternatives.

It is unlikely that Craigslist personal will ever be reinstated. Craigslist is a global classifieds site with millions of users around the world. This means that Craigslist does not have the central resources necessary to eliminate the abuses that were committed in the personals section. Ashley Madison and AFF have the resources to handle FOSTA.

Although Craigslist’s personal has been gone for years, the search for great personal options continues. There are many websites that offer sex ads for men and women, as well as personals for casual encounters. This article includes 5 of them, along with their main features, descriptions, reviews, and pros and cons.

Five Best Craigslist Personal Dating Alternatives You Should Post Ads on

Some people might ask this question: What is the best Craigslist personal dating alternative/replacement? We compiled five websites that we think are the best Craigslist personal-dating alternatives.

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the most famous hookup site, compared to all the others. Although it was originally created to meet spouses with wandering eyes, most members are open to casual encounters. This is a different site than Craigslist. Most of the women here are open to sex and hookups. However, they do so discreetly because most of them are married.

Ashley Madison membership allows you to send and receive messages from your favourite matches. You can also send virtual gifts, such as when you visit another city. You can use the Traveling Man app for instant access to other members who are available to hook up in any destination you choose.

What are the current membership rates? You get 100 credits for $59 (59c per credit), 500 credits for $169 (34c per credit), 1000 credits for $289 (29c per credit), and 1000 credits for $289 (29c per credit).

Features available

  • App for Traveling Man
  • Chat room
  • Virtual gifting


  • Pro-sex, Libertine community
  • Credits and payment
  • Swinger-friendly


  • Fake profiles of women
  • 90% male
  • Security at Iffy Site

2. Seeking arrangement

SeekingArrangement is a dating site that’s primarily for sugar daddies or sugar babies. This site is very different than Craigslist personals. Gold diggers and occasional simps will find it very costly to join. The premium membership fees for sugar mommy or sugar daddies are exorbitant.

Premium members have the ability to hide your online status and unlock conversations. You can also filter your email inbox. Diamond membership status increases your profile and improves your response rate. For a diamond membership, the cost is $89.5 per 30 days, $239.85 per 90 days and $249.95 per 30 days.

You can get a SA membership for as low as $19.95 per 30 days and $44.85 for up to 90 days if you are a sugar baby. You can also sign up for a free membership. However, you will need to fill out two lengthy bios with at least 400 characters. If you’re a man, you automatically become a sugar daddy. The minimum amount of net-worth you can choose from for a sugar daddie arrangement is $100k.

Seeking Arrangement is a popular site for females. Despite the popular perception of Seeking Arrangement as a simp-fest Bradicus and John Anthony have been among the PUA members who have achieved incredible scores on the site without spending any money. Craiglist is a great place to find a partner.


  • Tab Interests
  • Thumbnail rows for college members (online, new)
  • Archive and messages inbox


  • Attractive young women or sugar babies
  • It’s easy to play as per the PUAs
  • Rich men or sugar daddies


  • Signup is a lengthy process
  • Premium memberships are expensive
  • Primarily for simps, and gold diggers

3. Best Craiglist Alternative

Locanto offers better features and design. Locanto is similar to Craigslist. It has many categories, including personals. Locanto was founded in Germany in 2006. It has been widely used worldwide. Each major US city has its own Locanto, which allows users to narrow their search for potential partners. Locanto is completely free to use as it is classifieds site.

Locanto has a professional design, which is different from Craigslist’s. You instantly receive a popup message when you click to reply to messages. It contains the same interest links, the poster picture, safety tips and a map. You can create a Google account to share the locanto posts via Facebook or Twitter.

Similar to Craigslist personals scammers and spam flood Locanto’s personal section. A quick search of the personals will reveal many links to porn sites and lots of prostitutes. Lecanto does not usually have a blog, but it is important to ensure that personals are clean. This could be why the majority of Indian users use U.S Locanto personals.


  • Safety tips
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Follow the user options


  • Heavy trafficked
  • Uncensored
  • No cost


  • Bots
  • Spam is infested
  • Prostitutes

4. Fetlife – Best for Personal Dating

Fetlife has sex classifieds for sexy adults. Fetlife is the perfect social media platform for those who enjoy the fetish lifestyle. Fetlife is a social media site that fosters a sense of community, even though it’s not a dating site. It features a micro-blogging layout and a similar layout to Tumblr’s posting feed. A Pinterest-style wall displays replies and captioned photos. This is not Craigslist Personals, except for the “anything goes!” vibe.

You can filter your Explore page by theme. For example, friends, popular, kinky or pervy. You can join Fetlife Partner Finder if you’re interested in finding a hookup. Although your chances of meeting someone you like on Instagram are similar, you can also hit them up in your main feed. If you wish to have full access to the site, there are options. You can become a supporter for $30, $60, 12 months or 24 months and $120. You can perv any photo or video you want and can also perv backwards to any previous posts from all friends who are in your friend feed.


  • Pictures, videos, and message walls
  • Kink-themed groups
  • Feed your friends


  • Events for local groups
  • Membership at a discounted price
  • Libertine community


  • Predators
  • Thots and Escorts


Switter has adult personals looking for sex workers. The Twitter-deck format of this social media site almost looks like Twitter, which is why almost all the names rhyme. Twitter is called “toots” by Switter. It isn’t a dating site per say, but it has an adult-oriented atmosphere where “anything goes”. Mastodon, Facebook’s decentralized competitor, has connections to the site. Switter users can be classified into different classes, including sex workers and their friends. Most of the Switter users are featured ads for most erotic service providers. Some of these accounts are managed by escort agencies or cam sites. Despite looking like Twitter, Switter ended up having the same result as Craigslist, which is a directory of prostitutes.

Craigslist is not the Switter. The Switter has taken steps to remove spamming and fake ads from their platform. Since October 2020, the Switter has more than 330,000 active users. Twitter, like Craigslist, Switter, and Instagram, is free. You can also use it to hookup, even though it’s not a dating site.


  • Profile directory
  • Follow, star buttons.
  • Profile directory


  • Join for free
  • Sex-positive
  • Uncensored


  • It is not a dating site.
  • Although not very popular, it is still growing.
  • This is a product for erotic entertainers