March 24, 2022

Where To Meet Women for Dating – Top 29 Best Places You Never Expected

You’ll find yourself in a difficult dilemma that many men today face: How do I meet women? Although nearly half of the world’s population is comprised of females (roughly 3.52 billion) it’s not as simple as it seems. What is the reason for this? Here’s the reason. You won’t like it.

I won’t give you stats about how only a few percent of people are attractive, single, or in-shape. I will tell you straight up the truth, without any excuses. The problem with most men who have difficulty meeting women is that they don’t leave their home or work.

They go to places that are too competitive when they do. These are places women go to for relaxation and not to be hounded over and over. They get so caught up in their phones that the outside world is closed off to them.

Stop being distracted if you want to meet women. Smile and make eye contact. Be present in the moment. Let them know that you are interested. Open your fu-cking mouth!

There’s more to life than Tinder and online dating. This goes back to the above competition aspect. You want to avoid following women and feeling desperate? Continue reading:


Women are everywhere, no matter what time of day, and attend a variety of social events, including religious functions, volunteer work, shopping trips, and other activities. The average man, however, is content to stay at home all by himself.

There is less competition

Before you jump into the list below of places to visit, here’s a piece of advice: Try to go to areas where there is less competition. Also, avoid places where women don’t expect to be approached or hit on.

The reality is that most men and women do not interact in bars or clubs. They just stare at each other for the majority of the night. Unfortunately, many men are not able to compete with the men who have achieved success.

While numbers are a sign of success, don’t let that fool you. Even if the man is half a room away, women notice when he gets rejected. Many men keep trying, but by the end of the night their heads are down and they smell of despair. What if they fail the twentieth time?

They might. Most guys don’t have the emotional resources to deal with that many rejections in one night. If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with all that, why go through it all? You can be a woman’s best and most important option.

Here’s how:

Places beyond the box.

Consider gentlemen the hunters and prowlers. They are naturally afraid of women. They seek refuge in places like the mall, bookstore, coffee shop, and so on. You can find them in places such as the bookstore, coffee shop, or mall.

These places aren’t groundbreaking, but a few may be for you. These are places that guys won’t go on weekends, in reality. These spots are a waste of time and a waste of your weekend.

This is a lie! Let’s face the truth, you can be just as judgmental about women who don’t dare to visit them. You can also give these places a shot and discover how easy it is to meet women.

You have the option. You have the option to choose to go out and meet them.

Where to Meet Women

1. Airports

Unless you travel on your own private jet, you will be doing the same thing everyone else does: Waiting. You arrive at the airport a bit too early, get delayed or your flight is cancelled. Boredom can result from all of these.

Most people want to find ways to relax and have fun. Talking is one way to do this. You can find something in common by simply being there before you even start to have a conversation. Many people are either adventurers, or just looking for new friends along their journeys.

Let’s take, for example, my trip to London. While waiting in the lounge, I met a woman from my hometown while on my first flight. Two British women sat next to me on the connecting flight. They both live in London, near my hotel. My last flight home was my return flight. I met another woman from my hometown, who was on vacation in another country.

Even if communication skills are poor, it is possible to have a conversation at the airport. People love to share their travel stories and experiences. They love to share their favorite local restaurants, bars, attractions, etc. too.

2. Museums. Art museums, Art Galleries and History/Science Museums. Exhibits.

You should also consider that many universities host student-based art/design events throughout the month. It’s a great place to hang out with younger people.

3. The Post Office

While I was filling orders for the store I made a regular visit to the post office. I would find a woman half my age in the line right next to me about half of the time. Women ship things, in fact.

4. Meetups

These days, there’s a meetup for almost everything. There are many meetup groups for everything, from tech to hikers and dog walkers to knitting and other hobbies. There are likely to be one for every profession you can name.

5. Faith-based

Join a church group if you are religious. It was something my neighbors were very involved in years past, and it surprised me to see how many events they were invited to.

But I’m not referring to Bible studies. Parties, local gatherings, and fun volunteer events are all examples. Their church group provided a huge social network. Friends lead to more friends and, yes, even more women.

6. Recreation Sports Leagues

Even if you don’t like sports, join them. There are many recreational sports leagues that you can join, or at the very least cheer for.

7. Take a class

This doesn’t mean that you need to return to college. Try improve, cooking classes, photography, music lessons, dancing, yoga/fitness classes, etc. You might like wine or beer? Take a course to learn and taste all types.

8. Animal Adoption Centers

Meet your man’s best friend, and possibly your next girlfriend. Shelter dogs need the same love and companionship that you offer. You don’t have to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue center.

You can always visit with the intention of interacting with pets that are in desperate need of a human friend for just a few hours. Many, if not all of these places are happy to welcome you with open arms.

The act of rescuing a female cat-lady is a great way to show your gentle side. Although you may think that most volunteers are retired, older cat-ladies, this is only a partial truth. There are many younger women volunteering, even college students. It would be surprising.

There’s another thing to remember. These shelters and recuse areas host many fundraising events, dog walks, small gatherings, and other activities throughout the month. It is easy to receive an invitation. You’re increasing your social circle immensely here. You’ll be introduced more people than you could ever imagine.

9. Volunteer

When someone mentions “Volunteer”, people tend to think of things like food pantries, soup kitchens, and helping the homeless. You might not be interested in this type of work, but don’t fret. There are many organizations that will value your time. You’ll also meet many women through them.

Consider, for example, the American Red Cross and Political Campaigns. (I could go on and on.)

There are many other ways you can volunteer outside of the box. You might consider teaching self-defense classes to girls and women. You could give a speech or presentation at a female-focused educational organization. Aka can teach tech skills at GirlCodeIt or photography, cooking, and graphic design classes at local meetups for women.

10. The Park

Take your dog to the dog park. Allow your child to roam the playground. Go for a run if you don’t have either of these two. Take the bike out of the garage, and take a ride. You can kick a soccer ball on the field and shoot hoops.

You are wrong to think that parks are only for kids and parents. Parks aren’t packed with women like bars or music festivals, but that’s not the point. Do not assume that if you don’t see a lot of women, you won’t find one.

11. Take-Out Lunch

Although eating alone is not something that anyone likes, it’s much more enjoyable to do so in your own home. It’s okay to be relaxed about it. You can skip the break room during workdays and leave the office to order lunch at a casual eatery; you can also sit at the counter.

I made it a habit of eating at the hipster restaurants in downtown when I was working. It wasn’t always affordable, but I saw the upsides to it, aside from the great food. Many women were doing exactly the same thing as me.

They would sit next to me and have a chat. Yes, even women can eat alone! These weren’t always women who lived nearby. Truth be told, many of these women were not from the area and felt lonely looking for companionship in the big city.

You should also consider what happens when you order a to-go meal. Where are you going to sit and wait? The bar. The bar. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with her.

Remember that there could be ten to twenty women sitting next to you during a lunch rush hour. It’s almost like speed dating. But it’s not over yet. The more you eat in the city, you will meet more bartenders and female hosts.

12. Vintage/Antique Shops

Many women are interior designers at heart. It’s not difficult to spot a girl shopping at an antique or vintage shop. They are often packed full of them. The best part is that there are many objects of curiosity to spark a conversation.

You might be wondering why a man would go to these places, besides meeting women. I will tell you. There are some of the most beautiful bachelor pad decor and furniture anywhere in the world. You’ll most likely be able afford it. You can also visit the mall.

13. Coffee shops

You don’t have to limit yourself to Panera or Starbucks. Visit small coffee shops that are more relaxed where women can chat with their friends.

14. Clubs

I know exactly what you are thinking. I hate nightclubs. I don’t like nightclubs. These places include music venues, wine bars, jazz clubs, and other entertainment venues. You want places that allow you to communicate easily and where the music is not too loud.

15. Grocery Stores

Whole Foods and Target often offer the best selection. You can even go to a farmer’s market. Women work long hours and tend to put off shopping for groceries until the weekend.

16. Libraries and Bookstores

They may have lost their appeal with the advent of the internet, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable for men. Many women, both young and old, visit these places on weekends to check out new books and read.

17. Cinemas

A woman might be waiting next to you, just like you are at the grocery store. Ask her what she sees. Go to a chick flick if you want to go one step further. As soon as you step out of the theatre, there will be a throng of women eager to discuss the film.

18. Small Parties and Weddings

Go if you are invited. After you’ve decided to go, decide what your main focus will be. Do you want to be the social, outgoing guy? You are your cool, confident, and natural selves. Women will be more inclined to approach you if you seem happy and relaxed.

You could actually repel women if you are shy or awkward at the wedding. Confident men are more attractive to women so go solo and let the magic happen!

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19. Women Empowerment/Dating Seminars

It’s important to plan ahead because you might not be able to see the whole picture. Find out when the next seminar (how to meet women) is. Just before the event ends, sit down in the lobby of your hotel (or wherever it is being held).

All these women will feel lifted up by the seminar leader. Stop and ask the women to stop leaving when the noise starts. You will see her blossom like a flower.

Now, all her friends will be cheering her on as she tells them that she met you. She is a great success!

20. Laundromat

While most people now have their washer and dryer, there are still many college students and others who don’t. Laundromats are often called the “secret goldmine” for picking up women.

Every week, hundreds upon hundreds of women flood laundromats. They are your perfect opportunity to approach them and not seem creepy. Just make sure that you have your laundry ready. To break the ice at a laundromat, what is your most memorable first line? “I’m so sorry, I just ran out detergent em>

21. Carnivals, Fairs, and Festivals

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They don’t require you to be a child to attend them. For example, take a medieval festival. This is a great event for all ages. There are many themes to choose from, and not just the traditional festival that most people associate with. If music festivals are more your thing, you can always try them.

22. Poetry and Fiction Readings

There is a good chance that you will meet women with similar interests if you go to a fiction or poetry reading. This also shows your creative and sensitive side and can be very charming for women.

23. The Beach

Don’t miss the chance to meet women at a beach near your home. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the day. You are more likely to meet women having fun, which makes it easier to start a conversation.

You are likely to be active at the beach because you are there to play beach volleyball, surf, or swim. Find women who share your interests and start to see what happens.

24. Fundraising Events. Marathons, Races for Cures, etc.

These events can be a great place for a date or to meet women. It is easier to strike up a conversation when you have similar interests. Attending a marathon, fundraising event or other similar events will show that you already have those in common. You will be surrounded by like-minded and good people if it’s a charity event.

25. Part-time Jobs

If you want to grow your social circle and improve communication skills, then work in a restaurant. You’ll understand why restaurants are one of the most popular places to meet women if you have ever worked in one.

Many girls look for something to do after work. The job is almost always tedious and hard work.

26. Neighborhood Events

You can visit the resident appreciation events if you live in an apartment complex. This will allow you to get to know your neighbors, which can help expand your social circle. You might find that some places have get-togethers where members go out to restaurants on different weekends and weekdays.

You can always do the same thing as my neighbor. He enjoyed playing tennis and formed a club for it. He was joined by a few other residents, including a large number of women. He didn’t find other people to play on the court with. He also expanded his social circle.

27. Fashion Conventions and Shows

Look, I get it. Many men don’t even understand fashion shows. But that doesn’t mean they should be avoided. It is the part that follows the show that is the best. You will meet many women as you mingle and talk with one another. Period.

It’s not different from going to an industry convention. People attend to network. While they may learn some new skills and techniques, the main purpose of networking is to build business relationships. Even though the automotive industry is largely male-dominated, I know of a man who met his wife at an event. These events, which are held in Vegas, are a great way for business and pleasure to blend without putting yourself in danger.

28. Right in front of you

Get off your phone! You’re texting a friend about how difficult it is to find a girl, but the girl you want is right in front of your eyes. You’re so busy looking at the screen that you don’t notice her. This scenario is likely to happen hundreds of times a day between men and women.

The same applies whether you are just browsing the internet, checking your email or surfing the web. If you wait in line and grab your phone, you are essentially telling the rest the world that you have been “stopped out”.

It is a great idea to not take your phone with you when you are out and about. For a month, do this and you will start to notice how many women you missed because you were too busy tweeting, link-fuking, etc.

29. Online Dating

Another way that men find single women is through this site. You can search for singles in your local area on hundreds of online dating sites. After getting to know each other better, you can agree to meet up and then take it from there.

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Last note

It doesn’t really matter where you live. Excuses won’t solve your problems. If you want to meet women, you must go outside. And often, this means going out of your comfort zone. These places may seem unmanly or foolish, but they work!

It’s funny. Many men will say “that’s stupid,” etc. Imagine that they are the same guys who don’t get sex. These places are all part and parcel of living an interesting lifestyle, which women love. You’ll be amazed at how many girls you meet when you think outside the box.

Keep this in mind. Do not go out to meet women as a desperate fool. You go out because you enjoy a festival, a beer tasting event, or a relaxing walk at the dog park. First, pay your emotional bank account.

It’s not difficult, gentlemen. Make use of the law to your advantage. It’s obvious that more women will be met the more you travel. You will be amazed at all the opportunities that are presented to you when your social circle grows.