7 Tips to Find More Girls on Video Chat Sites

Finding girls on video chat sites isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You’ll often encounter thousands of guys on cam before spotting a single girl. That’s because most sites have an average of roughly 80% male users. However, there are plenty of things that allow you to improve your chances of meeting girls on cam and having a blast with them online.

Keep reading for the 7 little tips that will allow you to find more girls on video chat sites.

Keep your clothes on

Most guys are naked on cam; it’s not a secret. You want to stand out from the crowd and in this case, that means keeping your clothes on. If you’re naked and a girl see you on webcam, she will most likely just move on towards the next webcam. Keeping your clothes on is the way to go.

Use HD quality webcams

You want to be sure that the girl that sees you will want to stick around. In order to make sure that she will want to stick around, you should give yourself the edge of having HD quality. With HD webcams, the girls will be able to see you without having to squint their eyes, which is a huge plus for you.

Give live cam sites a try

If you can’t seem to find any girls on cam when using random cam sites, give live cam sites a try. These sites allow you to search for users with keywords and even with categories. For instance, you can search for petite blondes with cup sizes of 32C and you’ll find tons of them on cam. It’s really that easy!

Use chat sites that let you choose

Some random cam sites such as Chatrandom give you the ability whether you want to meet girls or boys on cam. These sites allow you to only come in contact with the sex that you want to meet online. If you only want to meet girls, enter the cam girls section and you’ll never have to see any guys on cam again.

Use text chat rooms

It may sound a little ‘old-school’ to use text chat rooms, but they work. More girls hang out in text only chat rooms. With today’s technologies, most text chat rooms also give you the ability to webcam chat with the people you meet, so you’ll be able to meet girls, get to know them and finish off with an exciting video chat session.

Check out cam site directories

Webcam chat directories such as TopCamSites make it a lot easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. These sites allow you to enter what you’re looking for and you’ll find tons of sites that give you the ability to do so. If you want to chat with amateur girls on cam, you’ll find dozens of sites available for that niche alone.

Video chat dating sites

Last but not least, take a look at video chat dating sites, which are gaining in popularity at a rapid pace these days. Sites like Fruzo for instance, make it a lot easier for you meet singles in your local area and video chat with them online.