Top 3 Role Playing Scenarios That Never Get Old

Couples are always trying to find ways of spicing up their sex lives and with costumed role playing is definitely a crowd pleaser. There are some roles such as doctor and patient; cheerleader and jock or school girl and principle that might seem to get old quickly, but no worries there are a few are never played out. You can consider these to be classics if you want.

Top 3 Role Playing Scenarios That Never Get Old:

1. Lost At Sea: The only thing you remember is the ship crashing into rocks and you were flung off the ship. Then you wake up on a mysterious island where an islander is standing above you looking down. You ask, “Where I am?” he or she doesn’t respond. Instead the islander bends down to undress you and clean you up. You then ask, “Who are you?” again no response. Just the continuation of cleaning. You are afraid yet extremely aroused on how the islander has taken to you and is helping your tired and achy body feel good. By the time you look down all of your clothes at off and this person is touching some spots that are aching to be touched.

Items To Wear: A loin cloth or scarf, bowl of water, cloth, raggy clothes (for the shipwrecked person).

2. Old Fashion Blackmail: Meet in a public location close to home or somewhere else in your house that isn’t your bedroom. Pull out an envelope (if you are the blackmailer) and let the blackmailee know that you have got your hands on a few incriminating photos of them if he or she and you will send it to their job of employment at the world’s most famous business corporation. The blackmailee begs for you not to send those photos and he or she will pay whatever amount of money you want. You inform this person that you are not after their money. What you want is for them to do [insert sexual favor, position, etc] for you instead.

Items To Wear: Trenchcoat, gloves, sunglasses, and incriminating photos (photos of your partner taken during some other form of play).

3. Debt Collector: Whether it is a credit debt or a gambling debt you have to pay up in some form. You and your partner are playing a game of poker. The stakes are high and the game is a bit long (due to all the teasing and building up the anticipation). Once the game ends the loser doesn’t even have the money to backup all of their big bets. The loser is a bit scared now and tells the winner, “I don’t have the money to pay you.” The winner states, “Oh, there are other ways you can pay me.”

Items To Wear: If the game is about credit debt: the credit collector wears a business outfit while holding paperwork and a folder. The debtor can wear casual clothes. Gambling debt: Make it fun and dress up in 1970’s clothes to make the role playing more real. If not go ahead and dress up in what you feel comfortable in.

The point of costume role playing is to make your experience more real and exciting. The scenes do not have to be short and in fact I would encourage the scene to be a bit long so that you both are able to build up the excitement and anticipation. Make sure to read about the Top 10 Ridiculous Sex Toys Of All Time.