3 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Husband

Men are possessive especially about their property, their cars, their families, and especially about their women. Being involved with a perpetually jealous partner can be really difficult. But what are the signs of a jealous husband?

  • Your husband calls you every two hours or every hour to find out what you are doing or who you are talking to.
  • Your husband follows you around and actually hires a detective to find out what you are doing when you are with friends. A night out with friends means that he will call you every hour and then interrogate you on what you did and when.
  • He does not like you going anywhere without him.
  • He does not allow you to talk to male colleagues or even have male friends
  • He is even jealous about your family and friends and he tries to cut you off from them.
  • He tries to trap you with leading questions like, “What do you find attractive about that man? Would you sleep with him?” etc
  • You are starting to get scared of him

If you are one of these women who have to deal with an insanely jealous partner who is showing even a few of these symptoms, you have to stop and evaluate the situation. Just how do you deal with it? Insane jealousy can easily shift over into rage and a condition of “If I can’t have her, no one else can!” and that just not good for you. Stop right now and take a closer look at him, at yourself and your relationship

A Closer Look at Yourself

Take a very good look at yourself. Is there something in your behavior which is triggering his jealous instinct? It could be that you have unconsciously been eyeing other men while in the company of your husband and he has noted it. It is possible that your behavior is actually causing him to act like the possessive husband to show you that he cares.

Remember that your man married you because he wants to be with you. Seeing you flirting with other men is going to make him insanely jealous and possessive. If it is possible, sit down with your husband and find out what is causing the problem and why he is turning out to be so possessive.

A Closer Look at Him

There could be a strong underlying reason in his jealousy. He could be less good-looking and earning lesser than you and this is making him insecure. It could also be that he is cheating on you and his cheating is making him insecure and suspicious about you too.

He could also be suffering from depression, personality issues or he might have had a previous relationship where his woman cheated on him. No matter what the issue, strong jealousy can make a partner pull away resulting in a relationship filled with secrecy and mistrust.

What To Do?

  • Too much questioning from a possessive partner can result in the other partner trying to assert themselves by pulling away. The other partner tries to be assertive and it may lead to deception and secrecy. Try to avoid this as much as possible.
  • Talk to your partner and assure them time and again that you understand where the anxiety and insecurity is coming from. Do not dismiss these feelings. Jealousy can easily convert to rage
  • Be available to your partner and be responsive. If you are having work issues because of which you seem distant, let them know about it. Be as supportive as possible. It will require a huge lot of energy but it does actually work.
  • Don’t force the issue if he does not want to deal with it. Ideally, find a marriage counselor and take him to regular sessions. Men can be stubborn and pushing him to deal with his jealousy may cause him to lash out verbally and physically, so be careful. A neutral third party could be much more helpful.