Men vs. women comparison – A battle of the sexes

Men vs. women – Which sex triumphs over the other? The jokes, quotes and many of the so-called-facts that have been published fail to put an end to this everlasting debate. Not anymore. Let’s forget what the books have taught us and dwell into a real and practical 21st century Men vs. Women comparison.

Physical Strength

This Men vs. Women point of comparison is really a no brainer because men are the clear winners. There is a reason why there are many more men super-hero characters than women. It’s because the body structure of a man is much more masculine and larger in terms of size and mass than a woman.

Men 1 Women 0


Men are handsome. There is no doubt about that. But what would you generally imagine in your head if you had to give a life form to the word ‘beauty’? More likely than not, it would be a woman’s face. Men are generally not tagged as beautiful because they are deemed to be more rugged and strong. Women on the other hand, are true representatives of the word beautiful.

Men 1 Women 1


Did you think that both men and women are an equal part of the reproduction process? If you did, chances are that you are a guy. Aren’t you? Try carrying an unborn child in your tummy for 9 months and you will realize who has a major share of the joys a.k.a sufferings of pregnancy. This area is definitely advantageous to men because women bear the brunt of more responsibility and bodily changes that, well, only a woman can feel.

Men 2 Women 1


Another clear winner for men in the Men vs. Women debate because they are not plagued by blood and fluids oozing out of their manhood every month. Add to that, back aches, stomach aches and mood swings that of a monster, men have definitely picked the lucky straw here.

Men 3 Women 1


The 21st century is the day and age when body hair is seemed as unwanted. This perception is bad news for men because they have more pubic hair, more facial hair, and more body hair in general.

Men 3 Women 2

Body perception

A man can walk around town with an unshaven beard, hairy hands, uncombed hair and a rugged look and still be called manly. Can a woman do that and still be called womanly? Certainly not. The society perceives the body and image of that of a woman very differently to that of a man. This is advantageous for men because they can literally wake up, put on a t-shirt and denims and walk out of the door without too much fuss. Women can’t do that. Women reading this will understand why, and the men, well, simply go to the next point.

Men 4 Women 2


Controversially, this point of comparison for Men vs. Women is going to be awarded to men and women both. Why? For one, women can get a lot of unwanted attention and love-hate feelings when it comes to breasts. Only a woman will know how. That is a definite disadvantage for a woman. On the other, a woman’s breasts can also generate some much wanted attention and can ‘get her places’, even though that sounds a bit crude. Advantage women. Evidently, it is a 50-50 situation and hence an equal point has been awarded to men and women.

Men 5 Women 3


Multiple orgasm or not, women are physically endowed to be repeatedly aroused by their partner. Although this is difficult to achieve, a man who knows his way around a woman’s body, mood, temperament and feelings will know how. In this Men vs. Women point of concern, women are the winners because when a man comes, he will at best take a lot of time to come again if you know what that means.

Men 5 Women 4


Surely all the male chauvinists will say men are more intelligent while the feminists will say the opposite. That is a never ending debate but the fact is that both men and women, if subject to equally opportunistic upbringing are equally intelligent. Evidently, both men and women deserve an equal point here.

Men 6 Women 5

Violence and crime

Men are more likely to be involved in acts of violence and crime. History, statistics and even the perception of society will agree that men are more likely to be involved in theft, violence, crime and more as compared to women. This Men vs. Women comparison point should be a crude wake up call for all the wannabe gangsters out there. Can’t you see that your actions made the entire male fraternity loose a point against women?

Men 6 Women 6


It’d be totally unfair to say that men triumph over women in the workforce. There are many reasons, including lack of opportunity and the responsibilities of a homemaker and a mother. But, women are strong and surely not going to use that as an excuse. Having said that, we cannot ignore the fact that men easily outnumber women when it comes to the top jobs in virtually every field. So men are the winners in this regard, well at least for now.

Men 7 Women 6

Homemaking skills

Hands down women are the deserving winners when it comes to comparing the homemaking skills of men and women. This Men vs. Women comparison point really requires no explanation. Surely all the men agree. And if you don’t, switch roles with your partner and try doing the dishes, vacuuming the house, doing the laundry, cooking, feeding the children, cleaning the house and a lot more for a week.

Men 7 Women 7

Right to have a bad mood

Can men turn up to work with a bad mood and still be let off from the wrath of their colleagues? Nope. On the other hand, a woman can do that and still get away with it, blaming it on a certain monthly cycle that we talked about earlier.

Men 7 Women 8

Perception in cultures

In our very last Men vs. Women comparison point, we give a quick thought to how males and females hold their place in societies and cultures not just in our own countries, but in cultures around the world. Although it is an unfortunate fact that many cultures consider women the ‘weaker sex’ even in the 21st century. There may be many of you who try to debate this fact but rest assured, if you are well travelled around the world, you will understand what this is all about.

Men 8 Women 8

In conclusion to our highly practical Men vs. Women debate, both men and women emerge with equal scores. So guys and girls, put your weapons down, it is time for peace. Rekindle your time together with dim lights, a glass of red and romantic moments!